GG Pro for Windows 10


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AIM Pro is a business instant messaging ensures secure communications over SSL. Key features of the shared history of business discussions, user rights management, a common list of contacts to customers and partners, and detailed statistics on activity of employees. Business Messenger AIM Pro is a tool for communication in the company via text and voice. The client application, instant messaging allows you to communicate with people who are in different locations or time zones. AIM Pro is a product designed for business communication, but also works with MSN Messenger. This application allows you to communicate freely and smoothly import your contact list from the protocol. G Pro has a built-in RSS reader. Integrating the functionality of Communicator provides fast access to the latest information from the Internet. With the support of external IM protocols, AIM Pro offers the ability to communicate with the users of such networks like AIM, MSN, ICQ, AIM and Jabber. All calls to the client application to the server GG Pro are encrypted by SSL 256-bit in order to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of transmitted information. Access to public transportation (eg e-mail) is only possible using the access server GG Pro. In order to improve the level of safety solutions AIM Pro, the application does not open additional connections directly with public servers appropriate for a given protocol. This allows you to control access to different communication networks according to the security policy in the company. In addition, communication with the server access is performed using an encrypted protocol AIM Pro. This provides a guarantee that the company is text messaging using only one communication protocol AIM Pro.